• A 1901 sketch of Theodore Roosevelt taking the oath of office in Buffalo, NY.

    Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural

    National Historic Site New York

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Here is Nat in the library, taking a nap on Edison's cot...
...and sitting at Edison's chemistry lab table!
Nat visits the home of Thomas and Mina Edison with the Staten Island Historic Group.
Nat with his friend Minnie, a bear collector, who thought he was soooo cute!
Nat at a meeting of the staff of the Edison NHS - and he got to sit in the front row.
Meeting visitors from the West Orange Fire Department.
Whenever Nat wasn't on a tour or helping on projects, he spent time at the front desk, greeting visitors
His new friend, John, gives Nat a big hug good-bye with Mr. Edison looking on.

Did You Know?

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural NHS in Buffalo, NY.

Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated in this home in Buffalo, NY in 1901. However, the same building had been the home of Zachary Taylor's daughter in the 1840's, and the home of Grover Cleveland's law partner in the 1860's. More...