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The Stories Behind the Cartoons

A caricature of T.R. by Johanna Goodman on the cover of National Parks Magazine.

A caricature of T.R. by Johanna Goodman on the cover of National Parks Magazine.

Johanna Goodman

Theodore Roosevelt was perhaps the most caricatured of American presidents. The image on this page is from the Fall, 2008 cover of National Parks Magazine, and was drawn by Johanna Goodman. To see more of her work, click here.

Theodore's looks, mannerisms, and determined nature endeared him to political cartoonists. They delighted in drawing parodies of him, long before he entered the White House. A collection of some of these cartoons is on display at Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace N.H.S. Larger images of these cartoons can also be seen in our photo gallery. Descriptions of events that led to their creation can be seen by following the links below:

'Establishing the Deadline'

'Sir Walter Raleigh Had Nothing on Elihu Root'

Untitled Cartoon by Bristol- Judge Magazine

'Teddy Doodle- The Spirit of 1908'

Untitled Cartoon by William H. Walker

'The Adventures of the Crooked House'

Did You Know?

tr rough rider

A man with a discerning taste for clothing, Theodore had his Rough Rider uniform tailored by Brooks Brothers and his safari outfit by Abercrombie and Fitch.