• Boardwalk, river, and trail

    Theodore Roosevelt Island

    District of Columbia

Operating Hours & Seasons

Theodore Roosevelt Island is open year-round from 6 am to 10 pm.

Restrooms on the island close for the winter, usually from October to April. During this time a portable toilet is located near the restrooms.

Summers on the island are generally hot and humid, with daytime highs frequently above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Please carry water while participating in physical activity and be prepared to take shelter from lightning.

Winters on the island are generally cold, with nighttime lows frequently near freezing and occasional snowfall. Please be alert for icy spots on the trails. The boardwalk section of the Swamp Trail can be particularly slippery in the snow.

Weather during spring and fall is generally moderate, but can change quickly, especially near the Potomac River. Layers of clothing are recommended. Spring floods may close some sections of the Swamp Trail.

Did You Know?