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    Theodore Roosevelt Island

    District of Columbia

For Teachers

Theodore Roosevelt Island makes a great classroom! With such diverse human and natural history, you are guaranteed to find a place in the park with landforms, wildlife, or historic resources that will bring your curriculum to life.


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1st United States Colored Troops by Matthew Brady

Library of Congress

Mr. Lincoln's Soldiers

For African Americans, enlistment in the Union Army was a momentous decision. Soldiers pledged their lives when they became Mr. Lincoln's soldiers. They left behind their families and daily routines and took on crucial new responsibilities; even if they survived the war, they would never be the same. Visit their first training camp to experience their introduction to Army life.

Aerial view of the marsh on Theodore Roosevelt Island

Wings Over Woodlands and Wetlands

Theodore Roosevelt was an avid birdwatcher, so it is appropriate that his presidential memorial offers plenty of birds to watch. Nearly 200 species of birds frequent Theodore Roosevelt Island each year. Find out how their adaptations, including their ability to migrate, make this island so appealing to them.

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