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Childern and a ranger orienteering in DESO
Teacher Ranger Teacher demonstrating orienteering to elementary school students
NPS Photo
The Teacher Ranger Teacher (TRT) program is the centerpiece of the National Park Service's (NPS) Teacher Corps, a diverse collection of programs and opportunities for educators to partner and interact with the National Park Service. Teacher Ranger Teacher is a professional development opportunity for educators from K-12 schools to learn about National Park Service education resources and themes. Participants in the program shadow NPS staff working in natural and cultural resource management, environmental education, historical and scientific research or other career fields. Teacher Ranger Teachers also develop lesson plans based on NPS resources and produce a major education project during their experience. The program is a partnership with the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) which administers the program and offers continuing education or graduate credits to participants. Available TRT opportunities and other program information is available on the CU Denver Teacher Ranger Teacher website.