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pointreyes light house with ranger
Find videos to share in your classroom on the NPS YouTube Channel. Here you will find everything from short, un-narrated moments in nature, to explorations of the science behind the scenery in your national parks and monuments.
a black bear stands in green grass

Find just the right photo in the NPS photo gallery. Browse the gallery, or search for specific images to bring your lesson to life. (For demonstration purposes, this is a link to a static page where the search term is "bear." This is not quite ready to go across all regions today, but this is how it will look.)

[graphic] portion of an historic map of the east coast of the  U.S.

The Florida Center for Instructional Technology located at the University of South Florida, is an education partner of the National Park Service and shares park content as part of its mission to provide leadership, instructional materials, and support services to educational institutions and beyond with regard to the integration of technology into K-20 education.