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Parks as Classrooms

Curriculum Materials

Parks are a great place to learn, whether it's History or Biology, or anything in between. Take your class to a park for an on-site lesson, or bring the park to your classroom through place- and standards-based activities.

Field Trips

More than a field trip, your park adventure begins with a pre-visit activity/assessment, context setting and orientation. While at the park, hands on, experiential learning connects students with real examples and relevant curriculum. After your visit, post visit assessments and activities reinforce concepts and offer opportunities for expansion.

Guest Speakers

The chance to meet and visit with a real park ranger, scientist, historian or other park professional can be a powerful experience. Rangers and other park staff come to the classroom prepared to contribute to your curriculum-based programming, addressing specific standards using park examples.

Traveling Trunks

These kits provide tactile materials and lesson plans to bring you and your class closer to the parks and the standards addressed. Some are even paired with distance learning opportunities to help bring the lessons to life.

Materials to Loan

Parks offer a variety of materials for loan, from standards-based kits and accompanying lessons, to snowshoes!

Institutes & Field Schools

Non-profit partner organizations work in cooperation with the NPS to provide high-quality educational experiences. National park institutes and field schools provide in-depth education for small groups in natural and historic settings. Instructors draw upon their expertise to unravel the intricacies of our national parks. Courses range from one-day seminars to multi-day backcountry experiences.