• The setting sun over the Flint Hills casts shadows across the wide expanse of tallgrass prairie.

    Tallgrass Prairie

    National Preserve Kansas

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  • Reminder, Bison Are Wild Animals

    Windmill Pasture is home to the bison herd. They have been quite active in recent weeks. Please stay on the trails and use caution in their vicinity. Do not come in close contact with the bison. Allow at least 100 yards between you and the herd. More »

Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger Programs

Scout Ranger Patch

Scout Ranger Patch


Girl and Boy Scouts may earn a certificate and patch for their participation in educational and service projects in national parks.

Patches are available at the preserve and certificates can be downloaded by scout leaders via the links below.


Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger

Scouts cleaning the school desks

Scouts earning their patches by cleaning the historic school desks

Kids can get involved in making a difference in their national parks by participating in five or ten hours of either an educational program or volunteer service project. A certificate requires a five hour commitment and a patch requires ten.

Two brothers earned their Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger patches by assisting the park staff at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in cleaning the Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse interior exhibits. The boys learned about caring for these special places through their hard work and stewardship. The brothers are part of Cub Scout Troop Pack 65 from New Jersey.

Did You Know?

Limestone and flint on the surface of the soil kept it from being tilled

Zebulon Pike unknowingly named the Flint Hills based on his journal entry in 1806 as he camped and passed through very 'ruff' hills of flint. This flint kept the prairie from being tilled. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve