• Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

    Sunset Crater Volcano

    National Monument Arizona


Hikers in snow-covered lava landscape

Lava Flow Trail in winter

NPS photo by Dallas Larsen

Not all of Arizona is warm dry desert. Weather can vary widely, especially with elevation. At Sunset Crater Volcano (6960'/2121m above sea level), you can expect cool/cold nights year round. Expect windy conditions most of the year.

Spring is usually mild, but heavy snowfall can occur. Summer days are warm with temperatures in the 80s; afternoon thunderstorms are likely July to September. In winter, snow and freezing temperatures alternate with mild weather.

Be prepared for abrupt weather changes in any season. Best advice - dress in layers.

Click here for the current Flagstaff weather forecast.

Did You Know?

Aerial view of Sunset Crater Volcano and surrounding cinder fields.

Sunset Crater was nearly dynamited in 1929, to create a landslide for the Hollywood movie "Avalanche". Local citizens were outraged and lobbied for its protection. The result was establishment of Sunset Crater National Monument in 1930. "Volcano" was added to the name in 1990.