• Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

    Sunset Crater Volcano

    National Monument Arizona

Lenox Crater Trail

Visitor viewing distant mountains across summit of Lenox Crater

View across the summit of Lenox Crater

Photo by Joelle Clark

Have you ever wanted to climb a volcano? The Lenox Crater Trail
is your chance. From the top, you can see the San Francisco
Peaks,Sunset Crater, and the Bonito lava flow. When Sunset
Crater Volcano erupted nearly 1,000 years ago, the ash and
cinder filled in the crater at the top of Lenox, so today it looks like
a gentle depression in the landscape.


1 mile round-trip
Time 45 minutes round-tip
Difficulty Strenuous
Accessibility Steep slopes covered with loose cinders

Did You Know?

A firey night eruption in Hawaii

The eruption of Sunset Crater Volcano must have been a powerful event. It destroyed all plants within a 5-mile radius. A fountain of fire, 850 feet high, was visible for miles around. An ash cloud rose 2.5 miles into the sky, and falling ash covered about 64,000 acres.