• Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

    Sunset Crater Volcano

    National Monument Arizona

Lava Flow Trail

Cinder and lava formations, with snow-covered peaks in background

San Francicso Peaks as seen from Lava Flow Trail.

NPS photo by Dallas Larsen

This is a self-guided loop trail. Pick up a trail guide and explore an exciting volcanic landscape at the base of Sunset Crater Volcano.

Note: This trail does not climb the volcano, which is closed to hiking.

Distance 1 mile round-trip

30 minutes round-trip

Difficulty Easy to moderate
Accessibility A 1/4-mile section of this trail is paved and fully accessible.

Did You Know?

A firey night eruption in Hawaii

The eruption of Sunset Crater Volcano must have been a powerful event. It destroyed all plants within a 5-mile radius. A fountain of fire, 850 feet high, was visible for miles around. An ash cloud rose 2.5 miles into the sky, and falling ash covered about 64,000 acres.