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Garibaldi in the Kelp, Channel Islands National Park Site Map of the America, Isle Royale National Park A panorama of the Windjammer wreck, Dry Tortugas National Park SRC Photographer, Brett Seymour, filming elkhorn coral in 3D, Virgin Islands National Park VALR USS Arizona Memorial SRC Archeologist documenting a feature in Channel Islands Mandalay wreck, Biscayne National Park Underwater 3D production still at KALO

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SRC Archeologist taking points with a gps on the USS Arizona Memorial SRC Archeologist taking points with a gps on the USS Arizona Memorial

Perhaps the best-kept secret of our National Parks is the underwater realm that they include: millions of acres of submerged lands, only a fraction of which have been explored by divers.

From the geysers on the bottom of Yellowstone Lake and the coral reefs of the Dry Tortugas, the National Parks have much to offer recreational divers.

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Preserving Our Submerged Heritage

With increasing awareness of America's underwater cultural heritage, the US National Park Service began documenting the location and condition of shipwrecks in the 1960's. This activity accelerated in the 1970's as park managers became more aware of the richness and international importance of submerged resources in the National Park System.


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