Stories of the War of 1812

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  • Political cartoon of US, France and Great Britain negotiating

    Bracing for Conflicts

    Learn how different groups tried to prepare themselves with the possibility of war on the horizon

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  • Painting of Battle of New Orleans highlighting people of color

    Defining the Stakes

    Learn how different groups defined their interests and motivations as conflict heightened

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  • British soldiers in red coats charging at Americans holding muskets

    Fighting the Battles

    Learn about life for combatants during the war

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  • British sailors attack Americans aboard a ship in this comedic cartoon

    Living through Conflicts

    Learn how the war affected people and communities away from the battlefield

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  • Columbia and Britannia holding hands in front of white flag

    Negotiating in War and Peace

    Learn how different groups looked to resolve conflicts the war raised

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  • Creating Legacies

    Learn how different groups determine what would be remembered about the war, and how life would continue in its aftermath

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