• Bombs bursting in air over Baltimore in 1813

    War of 1812

Stories of the War of 1812

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  • Political cartoon of US, France and Great Britain negotiating

    Bracing for Conflict

    American ambitions for the North American continent ran up against conflicting Native, British and French imperial interests

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  • Painting of Battle of New Orleans highlighting people of color

    Defining the Stakes

    It was the closest vote in American history, yet the difficult decisions surrounding the war extended far beyond Washington

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  • British soldiers in red coats charging at Americans holding muskets

    Fighting the Battles

    Thomas Jefferson's 1812 assessment that this conflict would result in easy victory for the United States was entirely wrong

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  • British sailors attack Americans aboard a ship in this comedic cartoon

    Living through Conflict

    Society was rapidly changing leading into and throughout the war.

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  • Columbia and Britannia holding hands in front of white flag

    Negotiating War and Peace

    The Treaty of Ghent ushered in the formal end of the War of 1812, but complications surrounding war and peace lingered

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  • Creating a Legacy

    Although the war ended when the ratified Treaty of Ghent was signed the road to peace was long, rocky, and lay ahead.

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