A new nation, in peril

Thirty years after the American Revolution, the young nation faced more questions than answers. What did it mean to be an American? Could a government built on democracy survive? 

It was a small war, fought for obscure reasons along the fledgling republic's frontiers, but its consequences were far-reaching. The conflict helped to shape American identity, yet served not as an end, but as a harbinger for much greater change to come. 

Explore the War of 1812


Portrait of Tecumseh-wearing red hat long feather and red coat with gold epaulets

Native Nations, embroiled in Conflicts

Indigenous Peoples fought for both sides during the War of 1812. Read about their side of the story of who they were, why, if, and how they fought.

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The treaty of Paris

Scholars' Perspectives

Explore stories about the participants, motives, actions, causes and consequences of this misunderstood conflict through the works of 10 scholars.

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African American sailor looking though gunport

African Americans in the War of 1812

African Americans -- both free and enslaved -- faced difficult choices if, how, and who to support in the War of 1812. Explore these stories.

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