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Tours and Special Events

Conference Tours
Wednesday, June 17, 2015, $65.00
Land of Escapes, Freedom and Community (Hilton Head Island, SC and Savannah, GA)

Conference participants will tour the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia with stops at Mitchelville and Fort Howell on Hilton Head Island (Network to Freedom sites), Fort Pulaski National Monument (National Park Service (NPS and NTF site)), and the historic First African Baptist Church, both in Savannah, Georgia. This tour will afford participants the opportunity to set foot on the first self-governing town of formerly enslaved people in this country. Mitchelville was established in 1862 as a population center of the Port Royal Experiment. Fort Howell was created to protect Mitchelville from possible confederate raids in 1864. In 1862 when Fort Pulaski was under Union control, General Hunter issued an unauthorized General Order #7 which allowed emancipation of slaves in coastal Georgia. Fort Pulaski was another destination site for freedom seekers. March Haynes was a member of First African Baptist Church. He became involved in reconnaissance for the Union Army, conducting numerous missions into the heart of Savannah to uncover Confederate troop movements and area camps. The missions also served as an opportunity to help more enslave people escape from bondage in Savannah to freedom at Fort Pulaski. First African Baptist Church was organized and active since 1773. Many of the early members were enslaved. The church was a place of leadership and education since its inception. Being the largest gathering place for blacks during segregation, the building was the site of many ceremonies, including graduations, and the courageous work needed during the Civil Rights Movement.

Saturday, June 20, 2015, $75.00
The Arrival, Disbursement and Enslavement:  the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the Underground Railroad in the Charleston Area"  (Charleston and Beaufort Counties, SC)
Conference participants will tour the Low Country of South Carolina with stops at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan Island (NPS site), the Aiken Rhett House  in downtown Charleston (Historic Charleston Foundation), McLeod Plantation on James Island (Charleston County Parks and Recreation), and Penn Center on St Helena Island ( National Historic Landmark). This tour will afford participants the opportunity to travel back in time to explore the arrival, disbursement, and the enslavement of thousands of Africans in South Carolina. The tour stops will also explore the impact of enslavement and the quest for freedom beyond slavery. The participants will visit the site associated with one of the largest slave trading posts in colonial America and how this trans-Atlantic migration shaped the creation of a colony and the birth of a nation through the lens of enslavement of Africans and Americans in both an urban environment and rural plantation. The final leg of the tour will introduce the participants to the Quest for Freedom and how the creative partnership between formerly enslaved African Americans and northern missionaries established a safe haven for the transition from slavery to freedom.