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In Their Steps

In Their Steps, a self-guided walking tour of sites in Rockville, Maryland, associated with the Underground Railroad (UGRR), tells the story of Rockville’s role as an active hub on a Southern route of the UGRR. As the county seat, Rockville is significant to the UGRR because of its geographical location, its mid-19th century demographic mix of free blacks and slaves, preservation of relevant sites, and the experiences of past residents who stood on various sides of enslavement issues. The tour begins at the 1891 Red Brick Courthouse, location of three previous county courthouses and jails, and the center of the slavery experience in Rockville. From there, the tour visits the homes of slaveholders who lost slaves to the UGRR, the stories of whom were chronicled by Philadelphia stationmaster William Still. Also included is the Robb’s Tavern site, where Josiah Henson, escaped slave turned abolitionist, was first brought to Rockville. In addition to stories of The Pearl Affair, and the real Uncle Tom’s Cabin told through local churches, burial grounds, museums and archives, our guides convey the story of lesser-known paths to freedom such as abduction, manumission, colonization, and escaped slaves who bought the freedom of family members.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: Peerless Rockville Historic Preservation, Ltd., 29 Courthouse Square, Rockville, MD, Montgomery, 20850

Contact Information: info@peerlessrockville.org

Website: In Their Steps

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Peerless Peerless Rockville

Location Type: Program

Freedom Seekers: Josiah Henson

UGRR Operatives: William Still