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Nelson T. Gant House

The Nelson T. Gant Homestead is the home of a former slave who seized opportunities to rise above his past and become a man of great wealth. A highly respected citizen of Zanesville, he was known for his giving nature and gentle demeanor. The house is one of the few homes of former slaves still standing in Muskingum County. There is strong oral tradition that Mr. Gant also did his part in freeing his brothers and sisters by riding them in his wagon, his known support and friendship with fellow Abolitionist. Noted local historian Norris Sneider in his "Y-Bridge City" in his Chapter on Slavery attested that there were about 622 people of color living in Muskingum County at the time and they all assisted in helping on the Underground Railroad. Mr. Gant was a member of a church that was founded on social issues and whose platform was the abolishment of slavery. His affiliations and association with known abolitionist support the oral tradition behind his involvement. This house is a beacon representing what you can achieve despite your humble beginnings. It has been recognized for its significance by Friends of Freedom Society, Ohio Department of Transportation, and National Road Alliance.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 1845 W Main Street, Zanesville, 43701

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Dr. Anita Jackson

Location Type: Site

Freedom Seekers: Anna Maria Hughes

UGRR Operatives: Nelson T. Gant