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Onondaga Historical Association Museum

The Onondaga Historical Association Museum (OHA) is the primary history agency for the greater Syracuse, New York community. OHA opened a professionally researched and designed permanent multi-media exhibit in September of 2003 entitled, Freedom Bound: The Story of Syracuse & The Underground Railroad. Both the broad context and particular stories of local Underground Railroad actions are interpreted through period graphics, original artifacts, and a “sound & light” object theater presentation. Adjacent to the exhibit is the museum auditorium which also now features a 23-minute video entitled, The Jerry Rescue: Syracuse Defies the Fugitive Slave Law. Through a combination of live drama with historical images, this production interprets the 1851 rescue in Syracuse of a fugitive slave named William “Jerry” Henry, one of the most famous public actions of the Underground Railroad in the nation at the time. The OHA is now recognized as the focus for public interpretation of Syracuse’s Underground Railroad story. Although primary documentation of Underground Railroad activities is always limited, OHA’s collection also includes various church records, individual letters, numerous period newspaper articles and other first person accounts that both attest to local Underground Railroad activity or help provide vital clues and connections for further research.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 311-321 Montgomery Street, Syracuse, 13202

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Onondaga Historical Assoc.

Location Type: Facility