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Seminole Indian Scouts Cemetery

The nominated cemetery site of The Black Seminole Scouts is located outside the small town of Brackettville, Texas. Persecuted by the U.S. Army and slave hunters, the black Seminoles and their families had traveled on the Trail of Tears from Florida to Indian Territory in Oklahoma and finally to Sonora, Mexico, where they were finally free from persecution and reenslavement. By this time the Seminole maroons had gained a reputation on the U.S/Mexican border as fierce fighters and Indian trackers. After the Civil War they were asked by the U.S. Army to return to Texas and serve as scouts at the Fort Clark Reservation at Bracketville. Included in the group were runaway slaves and their families to whom they had given refuge on their journeys to freedom. Subsequently, the black Seminoles were to play a major role in defending the Texas borderlands between 1872 and 1914. Generations of balck Seminole families are buried here in the cemetery and it has becom a pilgramage site for descendants.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: P.O. Box 1797, Brackettville, 78832

Contact Information:

Website: Seminole Indian Scouts Cemetery

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Clarence Ward

Location Type: Site

Freedom Seekers: Gordon Brothers,Nancy Kibbetts,Sampson July