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Quest for Freedom: The Underground Railroad in Philadelphia

This walking tour explores the origins of the Underground Railroad or the African freedom struggle from the time that the early African arrivals escaped to live with the Native Americans and the Spanish in Florida until 1863. Then the covert activities of the secret associations came above ground with the enlistment and service of the United States Colored Troops. Philadelphia is a perfect backdrop for the story of this struggle for freedom in America. The city and Independence Park are associated with the birth of American freedoms terms like "Cradle of Liberty" and "Beacon of freedom" generally refer to the development of the national government. The African - American freedom struggle does not easily fit into the national story. Africans did not physically participate in the planning or development of the important documents but had a presence in effecting the process of there creation and content. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are literary plans and symbols of freedom. The Underground Railroad is another symbol of humanities attempt, desire and commitment to obtain freedom. The struggle had three major levels political, physical, and moral. Each program features one or more of these struggles.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 143 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, 19106

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Cynthia MacLeod

Location Type: Program

People/Organizations Associated with the site: A.M.E. Church

UGRR Operatives: William Still