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Georgetown Neighborhood in Madison, IN

The Georgetown District, located in Madison, Indiana on the Ohio River became home to African Americans as early as the 1830s, eventually developing into a network of Underground Railroad conductors and stations. Georgetown, located just five blocks from the Ohio River, became a place in which many freedom seekers found a community of safe houses and conductors willing to give them aid to reach the next station toward freedom. This neighborhood became the center for the Underground Railroad activity of Madison as well as the focal point for the Kentucky mobs who attempted to disband this community. The unique feature about this neighborhood is that the homes, churches, and environment that the freedom seekers, conductors, and abolitionists saw still exist today. The two Underground Railroad associated churches still stand, as do the homes of several UGRR leaders. The neighborhood retains a high historical integrity for the period of significance (1820-1865); 64% of the original structures still stand.

Visitor Information: Currently not open to public.

Location: Sheets & Wharton, Woodburn, Camby North Addition, Madison, 47250

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Historic Madison, Inc.

Location Type: Site