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Mayhew Cabin

The Mayhew Cabin had a real role in Nebraska's Underground Railroad as Freedom Seekers moved quickly through Nebraska City, across the Missouri River, into the free-state of Iowa, and ultimately to real freedom in Canada. Freedom Seekers stopped at the cabin several times. E.F. Mayhew, son of Allen and Barbara, recalled one such incident in a 1925 letter to N.C. Abbott, superintendent of Nebraska School for the Blind. Mayhew states, "John Henri Kagi [sic] brought 14 negroes (to the Mayhew Cabin) for breakfast one morning. It was at this time that the officers and some men from Missouri came to the house after him (John Kagy) although my father told them he was upstairs, they were afraid to go after him knowing he was armed." John was the brother-in-law of Mayhew, John Brown's adjutant-general, and died at 24-years of age at Harper's Ferry. The original Mayhew cabin is located at 2012 4th Corso in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Allen B. and wife, Barbara (Kagy) Mayhew constructed their cabin home with square hand-hewn logs from native cottonwood trees. The cuts from the smoothing ax are still plainly visible on the logs today. The 14 x 16 feet cabin is furnished to represent the late 1850s.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 2012 4th Corso, PO Box 250, Nebraska City, 68410

Contact Information: mayhewcabin@hotmail.com

Website: Mayhew Cabin

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Bill Hayes

Location Type: Site

UGRR Operatives: Allen B. Mayhew,Barbara Ann Kagy Mayhew Bradway,E.F. Mayhew,John Brown,John Kagi