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Wabaunsee Cemetery

The Wabaunsee Cemetery is the final resting-place of seventeen individuals known to have participated in the Underground Railroad. It is a country cemetery situated amidst fields of wheat, soybeans and corn one mile northeast of the historic community of Wabaunsee. The famous Beecher Bible and Rifle Church listed on the National Register of Historic Places is in the village. Mt. Mitchell a thirty-acre hilltop tallgrass prairie owned by the Kansas State Historical Society is one mile to the east. A monument to the memory of the Colony is at its summit. The cemetery contains the graves of about sixty Civil War veterans and many of the Colony’s members and their descendents. Maude Mitchell designed the memorial gate built from glacial erratics in 1952. She was the daughter of Captain William Mitchell URR station keeper and conductor. Corroborating written evidence and family oral history provide documentation of the following individuals participation; Captain William Mitchell, Agnes Mitchell, James Monroe Bisby, Hannah Bisby, J. Evarts Platt, Enoch Platt, Sarah Platt, Joshua Smith, Mary Dibble Smith, John Smith, Charles Burrill Lines, Maria Wooding Lines, Austin Kelsey, Maria Bristoll Kelsey, Samuel R. Weed, Julius F. Willard and Amos A. Cottrell.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: Highway K-18, Wabaunsee, 66401

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Wabaunsee Township Board

Location Type: Site

UGRR Operatives: Agnes Mitchell,Amos A. Cottrell,Captain William Mitchell,Charles Burrill Lines,Enoch Platt,Hannah Bisby,J. Evarts Platt,James Monroe Bisby,John Smith,Joshua Smith,Julius F. Willard,Maria Bristoll Kelsey,Mary Dibble Smith,Samuel R. Weed,Sarah Platt

Religious Denominations: Beecher Bible and Rifle Church