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Racine Heritage Museum

Joshua Glover, a freedom seeker, lived and worked in Racine for two years before he was captured in 1854 and jailed in Milwaukee. In Racine, a gathering in the square sent a delegation to Milwaukee, which joined Milwaukee citizens to break open the jail and free Glover. He shuttled on the Underground Railroad throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and finally escaped through Racine harbor on a ship for Canada. Later, a newspaper editor, Sherman Booth, was sentenced and jailed for violating the fugitive slave law for helping Glover. The Wisconsin Supreme Court nullified that law and refused to conform with Federal law. The eventual formation of the Republican Party was also accelerated by the Glover incident. Today in Racine, the Glover story has been celebrated and re-enacted. The Racine Heritage Museum has had a permanent exhibit about Glover, the Underground Railroad, and the Civil War era in Racine County. The section about Glover and the Underground Railroad was significantly expanded.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 701 South Main Street, Racine, 53403

Contact Information: inquire@clmail.com

Website: Racine Heritage Museum

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Christopher Paulson, Exec Dir

Location Type: Facility

Freedom Seekers: Joshua Glover

UGRR Operatives: Sherman Booth