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Blazing Trails to Freedom: The Underground Railroad

"Blazing Trails to Freedom: The Underground Railroad in Texas: is a three-day education agenda designed to assist communities in the investigation, documentation and preservation of their history as it relates to the identification and preservation of Underground Railroad stories, sites, activities, and related events. Everything that contributed to the Resistance Movement of the enslaved who left Texas and sought refuge in Mexico between 1821 and 1865 is the subject of our investigation and dialogue. This process includes selecting a community where slavery was dominant, namely East Texas. We contact local historians and Convention and Visitors Bureaus to make inroads to the general public, educational institutions, businesses, and heritage organizations, i.e., County Historical Commissions. The program then takes several forms: presentations at area schools and colleges, community historic tours, family history workshop, a day-long general session, a cooperative exhibit, and a community recognition dinner.

Visitor Information: Currently not open to public.

Location: International Freedom Institute of the Southwest, P.O. Box 52536, Houston,, 77052-2536

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Allen Grundy

Location Type: Program