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Indiana Freedom Trails Educational and Research Program

Begun in 1998, Indiana Freedom Trails (IFT) started as a committee of the State Historic Preservation Office. The project has developed into a cohesive, diverse group working to locate, verify, protect, preserve, and promote those Indiana sites and routes involved in the Underground Railroad (UGRR). IFT members dedicate themselves and their resources to the research, education, interpretation, and reverence of Indiana's UGRR heritage for the benefit of future generations. The group includes representatives of state agencies, historical societies, and libraries, along with private individuals; all of who are volunteers. Volunteers work within their regions to research the sites in their area, then the group places these regional sites into statewide context and how the sites and individuals are related. The group is beginning to work with researchers in other states to connect Indiana's sites with other state's sites.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: Indiana Freedom Trails, P.O. Box 2917, Indianapolis, 46206

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Indiana Freedom Trails

Location Type: Program