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Pritchett Meredith Farm: Escapes of Thomas Elliot, Denard Hughes, and John Wesley Hughes


In March 1857, Thomas Elliott and Denard Hughes fled the Bucktown, MD farm of their enslaver, Pritchett Meredith, a 2 acre portion of which is nominated here (the house on this two acre lot is not the original home/building). In company with six other freedom seekers, Elliott, Hughes, and the rest of the group were betrayed by a black Underground Railroad agent, Thomas Otwell, who had been enticed by the $3,000 reward for their capture. Boldly escaping the Dover, Delaware jail where they had been trapped, the freedom seekers were ferried north by other trustworthy black agents to Thomas Garrett's home in Wilmington, DE.Called the "Dover Eight," they were eventually forwarded to William Still in Philadelphia and on to Canada where they joined their friend, Harriet Tubman.In December 1861, John Wesley Hughes fled from Meredith in company with another man named George Hackett, who was enslaved by neighbor Polish Mills.They carried forged passes written by a local literate freeman named William Hill. Hughes was captured on his way to Baltimore aboard the Steamer Kent and returned to Long Wharf in Cambridge. Five months later, in May 1862, Hill was arrested and sentenced to fifteen years in prison for aiding in the escape of Hughes and Hackett.

Visitor Information: Currently not open to public.

Location: James Wesley Meredith and Karistyn Brooke Meredith, Cambridge, Dorchester, 21613

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: James Wesley Meredith and Karistyn Brooke Meredith

Location Type: Site