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Passage on the UGRR: A Photographic Journey

As a documentary photographer/digital artist, there are two components to the program that I provide: lecture and exhibition. The exhibition is comprised of two types of images, composited views of UGRR sites, and montages that address the broader landscape of slavery through a constructed narrative form. Each UGRR work visually describes an individual location inside and out, including significant architectural features, historical materials, and other details that reveal the story about that site. In order to provide a view into the greater context of slavery and the struggle for freedom, the companion montages blend together images of pertinent locations with historical documents, illustrations, and other artifacts, along with contemporary cultural references. In exhibition, descriptive text accompanies the work.

In addition to exhibitions, I often make lecture presentations with projected visual images of my research. I share the histories of the UGRR sites, and describe the elements incorporated into the montages. I emphasize the importance of understanding our history, and that African American history is American history. Depending on the audience, I also discuss the value of visual documentation and other interpretative strategies for preservation, and for making this history come to life for others, especially younger audiences.

Visitor Information: Currently not open to public.

Location: 521 E. Minton Drive, Tempe, 85282

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Stephen Marc Smith

Location Type: Program

People/Organizations Associated with the site: Civil War