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Lucy Higgs Nichols:Civil War Nurse


The Higgs family owned Lucy Higgs Nichols from the time of her birth, 1837, until her mid-twenties.In 1862 Lucy, her baby, and the baby's father, joined a group of Negro runaways passing the farm where Lucy was held in bondage.They ran three to five miles from Grays Creek to Bolivard, TN where Lucy joined the 23rd Indiana Regiment.She served as a Civil War nurse - the only black and only woman in the troop.After the regiment was mustered out in Louisville, she returned to New Albany, IN, with the men, became a citizen, married John Nichols, and joined the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) in New Albany as an honorary member.In 1898 she received a nurse's pension, with the full support of 55 member of the 23rd Indian Regiment, by a Special Act of Congress.In 1915, at the age of 77, she died and was buried next to her husband in the Colored Cemetery (New Albany, IN) with full military honors.The story of Lucy Higgs Nichols was feature in newspapers across the country.

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Location: 9800 Springbark Dr, Louisville, Jefferson, 40241

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Freedom Seekers: Calvin Higgs,Lucy Higgs Nichols,Mona Higgs