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Carnegie Center for Art and History

The Carnegie Center for Art and History houses a permanent, award-winning exhibition title, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage:  Men and Women of the UGRR.  The exhibit examines the antislavery community in Floyd County, Indiana, and places it in a broader context by describing the social, economic, and cultural contours of the Falls region of the Ohio River Valley.  This project explores three broad themes that are critical to understanding the nature of the UGRR as it existed in Southern Indiana.  First, it draws attention away from the traditional Boston-New York-Oberlin abolitionist nexus and points to the significance of antislavery activism along the Ohio River.  Second, the project draws attention to the biracial nature of abolitionism, particularly at the local level.  Finally, the project reveals the central role played by African Americans in the UGRR and provides an unprecedented look at the black community of the Falls region.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 201 E. Spring Street, New Albany, Floyd, 47150

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Sally Newkirk, Director

Location Type: Program