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Congressional Cemetery

Founded in 1807, Congressional Cemetery is the final resting place of two individuals directly associated with the Underground Railroad (UGRR) - William Boyd and David A. Hall.  William Boyd was caught "stealing" slaves, convicted and later pardoned by President Lincoln.  David A. Hall, an attorney, worked as an assistant to Horace Mann in representing the defendants in the Pearl affair.  He provided bail for William Chaplin and represented slaves and other associates in the courts of DC and MD.   

Other opponents of slavery interred at the cemetery include:  ohn Smilie, congressman from Philadelphia, who voted to ban slavery in Pennsylvania;  William Pinkney, later Attorney General, negotiated the Missouri Compromise.  Count Adam Gurowski, wrote Slavery in History condemning the institution;Sayles Bowen worked tirelessly on behalf of the black community which later elected him Mayor,; and Leonard Gale lost his job in the Patent Office because of his work on behalf of Myrtila Miner's school for black  children.  Judge William Cranch, nephew of President John Adams and Chief Judge of the Circuit Court, did all he could to minimize the effectiveness of the Fugitive Slave Law.

Visitor Information: Currently not open to public.

National Park Unit: No

Location Type: Site