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Experience Harriet Tubman by Sea

 Experience Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad by Sea offers visitors the opportunity to experience and learn about the life of Harriet Tubman and historical details of the Underground Railroad on the very landscapes where these events happened and where the people lived, specifically along the river landscapes of the Big Blackwater River within and along the borders if the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in South Central Dorchester County. Come and experience this incredible landscape by canoe or kayak, with a family who has lived there since the mid 1600's. Learn of the quests of the people of the 1800's who lived on the river and the flights to freedom of those able and daring enough to escape. This river landscape features historic sites directly related to Harriet Tubman and her family, and the lives of several freedom seekers fleeing this region of the County during the early to mid nineteenth century.  The four and one-half hour kayak tour affords visitors a unique opportunity and perspective on the nearly pristine environment virtually unchanged from Tubman's days enslaved here, including the historical influence of the water on every day living and its place as a barrier and a pathway to freedom. 

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: Blackwater Paddle & Pedal, 4303 Bucktown RD, Cambridge, 21613

Website: Experience Harriet Tubman by Sea

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Jay and Susan Meredith

Location Type: Program

Freedom Seekers: Harriet Tubman

UGRR Operatives: Harriet Tubman