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Sandyvale Cemetery Commemorative Site

Sandyvale Cemetery, a commemorative site for Underground Railroad activity, is located in the Hornerstown section of the city of Johnstown and became a cemetery in 1856. According to newspaper obituaries, the only remaining source of information, buried in Sandyvale are several conductors of Johnstown's Underground Railroad network; specifically, James Heslop, Charlotte Heslop, John Cushon, Benjamin SLick, and William Slick. It was James Heslop, John Cushon, and William Slick who were involved in the 1837 incident involving two runaway slaves, Patrick and Abraham, who were brought to Johnstown after a harrowing escape from John Sherrard's farm in Bath, Virginia (present-day West Virginia) The abolitionists who worked to save Patrick and Abraham were also responsible for others who managed to obtain freedom with their help. Their story can only be remembered and told at Sandyvale; a cemetery that itself has almost been lost to time due to the ravishing of three major floods in 1889, 1936 and finally 1977. Both Sandyvale and the story of the UGRR are critical to the history of this region.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: Hickory and Messenger Streets, Honerstown, Johnstown, Cambria, 15902

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: William Horner

Location Type: Site

UGRR Operatives: Benjamin Slick,Charlotte Heslop,James Heslop,John Cushon,William Slick