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Fairfax Circuit Court - Historical Records Room

Located in Northern Virginia, Fairfax Co. has been intimately involved in the history of the US. Formed from Prince William Co. in 1742, colonial Fairfax Co. and its port town of Alexandria, Virginia, quickly became a center of commerce in the mid-Atlantic Region. George Washington and George Mason were 2 of the early luminaries who called Fairfax Co. home. The Historical Records Room holds the original, official records of the county and circuit court from 1742 up through the early 20th century. County courts in Virginia served as the primary local form of government until the Virginia Constitution of 1870 created the Board of Supervisors. The location of Fairfax Co., close to the federal government in Washington, DC, and the Chesapeake Bay, brought a variety of people and cultures together. Their shared experiences provided Fairfax with a rich and diverse history. The history of African-Americans in Fairfax Co. can be traced through these court records. Enslaved people appear in the records as jailed runaways, values in estates, property in inventories, petititioners for freedom, defendants in criminal cases and missing valuables. Free African Americans also called Fairfax Co. home, establishing their own communities and participating in civic life.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 4110 Chain Bridge Rd., Ste 315, Fairfax, Fairfax, 22030

Website: Fairfax Circuit Court - Historical Records Room

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: John T. Frey

Location Type: Facility