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Sandy Ground Historical Society's UGRR Program

Sandy Ground Museum

The Sandy Ground Historical Society was formed in 1979 to preserve the history and physical surroundings of the Sandy Ground Community and also to maintain and promote the legacy of the community, as it is an important part of American History. The community was made up of newly freed slaves from the New York metropolitan area and later joined by freedman who had been working many years in the oyster industry in the waters around Delmar Peninsula. Laws restricting their livelihood and their freedom forced them to leave the Maryland/Virginia area and settle in Sandy Ground, a station on the Underground Railroad. The Museum continuously promotes the community's culture and heritage through lectures, exhibits, arts, and music. Throughout the year, many of the programming and educational events are centered on the history of Sandy Ground and the Underground Railroad. In 2006, the traveling exhibit "Slavery in New York", a nine panel exhibition developed by the New York Historical Society was featured at the Sandy Ground Musuem along with a companion exhibit developed by the Sandy Ground Historical Society, "Images of Slavery & Beyond".

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 1538 Woodrow Rd, Staten Island, 10309

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Adrienne Ross

Location Type: Program