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Underground Railroad in Illinois

A primary purpose of researching the Underground Railroad in Illinois and adjacent states, has been to address the dearth of verified knowledge about UGRR operations west of the Ohio River. Key findings of this research have been that most freedom seekers coming through Illinois had been enslaved in Missouri and that Chicago was the terminus of most Illinois routes. The incorporation of these findings into an illustrated narrative program is used to disseminate knowledge of this important aspect of our history. As a conservative estimate over 600 programs have bee presented (approximately 400 at schools, 57 for the Illinois Humanities Council's "Roads Scholars" speakers bureau, a comparable number at historical and genealogical societies, at least 80 at libraries, 35 at museums, and at such annual meetings as the Illinois Reading Council, Illinois State historical Society, Illinois Gifter Conference, the History and Geneology Conference at teh Buxton National Historic Site and Museum and the Illinois Council for the Social Studies Conference to be held in Sept 2007). Audiences have ranged from approximately 20 to 700. The presentations were first given locally on an infrequent basis in the 1970s then more frequently and over a larger geographical area after the presenter retired from public school teaching in 1988.

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