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Galesburg Colony UGRR Freedom Station at Knox College

Much historical evidence documents the importance to the Underground Railroad in the Upper Midwest of the Abolitionist colony that in 1837 established the town of Galesburg and Knox College. The Galesburg Colony Underground Railroad Freedom Station at Knox College maintains a commemorative center and educational programs, in the form of tours and public presentations, which educate the public about that important history in accessible, historically accurate ways. Since 2001, the Station's director, Owen W. Muelder, has made more than 60 public presentations on the history of the UGRR in Western Illinois, included the Illinois State Historical Society. Snice 2004, the Stateion has maintained a commemorative center in the Old Knox County Jail, on the Knox College campus, with displays, a website, and an active program of tours and presentations. The work of the Station and its director is helping both to document the important local sites (which we hope to submit for NTF recognition in the future) and broaden public awareness of these sites and of the larger local, regional, and national history of which they are a part.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: Old Knox County Jail, 337 South Cherry Street, Galesburg, 61401

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Roger Taylor

Location Type: Program