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Leesylvania State Park, Prince William County, VA, is a 508 acre tract of a 2000 acre estate patented in 1658. The Leesylvania archeological site is significant to the UGRR because of 17 runaways. Leesylvania, which means "Lee's Woods," was the circa 1750 home of Henry Lee II and birthplace of Henry Lee III, Revolutionary War hero and father of General Robert E. Lee. Nineteenth century owners were: Charles Lee; Martha Lindsay Fairfax Robertson; and Lt. Col. John Walter Fairfax. A significant part of all of the owners' farms was the fishery at Freestone Point retained in the present park. Cate and Sinah, the 18th century runaways, were advertised in Virginia Journal and Alexandria Advertiser, Oct. 21, 1784, Leesylvania. The 19th century runaways listed in Alexandria Gazette are: Andrew and James, June 12, 1807, Leesylvania Farm; Daniel, Feb. 25, 1848, Freestone Farm; Henry and Betsy, June 26, 1856, Ohio Farm; and (Henry, Betsy), Tom, Armstead, Littleton, Abram, and Moses, Ohio Farm, August 15, 1856.

The Confederate Battery is significant because five African Americans (four men and one woman) escaped to the US Steam Sloop Seminole on Sept. 23, 1861, reporting Confederate troop numbers and the Freestone Point Confederate Battery location.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 2001 Daniel K. Ludwig Drive, Woodridge, Prince William, 22191

National Register/National Historic Landmark Status: Leesylvania Archeological Site; Freestone Point Confederate Battery

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Commonwealth of VA Dep Conserv & Recrea

Location Type: Site

People/Organizations Associated with the site: Contraband

Freedom Seekers: Abram (VA, 1856),Andrew (VA, 1807),Armstead (VA, 1856),Betsy (VA, 1856),Cate (VA, 1784),Daniel (VA, 1848),Henry (VA, 1856),James (VA, 1807),Littleton (VA, 1856),Moses (VA, 1856),Sinah (VA, 1784),Tom (VA, 1856)