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Place I Call Home Tour

The Place I Call Home tour takes heritage travelers on narrated motor coach day trips, traversing rural roads and visiting small towns in a multi-county area of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Covering 75-85 miles, visitors learn about this region's significant but little known role in the Underground Railroad and Abolition movements. The context for the region's UGRR story is more deeply understood through this tour, which conveys visitors over a scenic landscape significant for its industrial, agricultural and cultural heritage. This backdrop is critical to understanding how the UGRR and Abolitionist sympathies flourished in this region. Since 1996, the Center for Anti-Slavery Studies has researched , documented, and preserved the history of Abolition and Underground Railroad activities in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Many freedom seekers who passed through this region did not simply stop here for a night hidden in a barn or a back room. Abolitionists in the region, both black and white, actively encouraged and supported efforts of the formerly enslaved to continue their quests for freedom, and were willing to take enormous personal risks to prove it. They offered jobs, money, land, and provided opportunities to establish a life in freedom. Many formerly enslaved and freeman integrated into local communities that accepted them and actively supported their freedom. For many, Northeastern Pennsylvania was not just a stop on the way to Canada, but a place they came to call home.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 75 Church Street, Montrose, 18801

Contact Information: info@antislaverystudies.org

Website: Place I Call Home Tour

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Sherman Wooden

Location Type: Program