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Harriet's Return

HARRIET'S RETURN is an award winning theatrical production written and performed by playwright, actress, producer and educator Karen Jones Meadows. This unique production chronicles the private and public life of famed Underground Railroad conductor, spiritual icon and revolutionary, Harriet Tubman, whose nine-decade life still influences the consciousness of people around the world. Told as a deeply personal journey, Harriet embraces her audience and moves them to laughter, tears and a desire to realize their personal power. The play takes the audience from Harriet's childhood to her final days as she weaves her story, recalling more than thirty colorful characters who take you from contemporary America into the depths of her soul, the psyche of a nation and a call to action. Detailed American and Underground Railroad history is experienced as Harriet confronts enslavement, family issues, escape, marriages, the UGRR challenges, Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow. She interacts with historical figures such as William Still and John Brown. Harriet's Return has a successful record, with productions in over 100 theatrical and community venues, including a fund-raising event at the Carrier Theatre, for the 30th Anniversity Pilgrimage Weekend to the historic landmark Harriet Tubman home. Harriet's Return crosses age and cultural classifications, and has universal appeal, as did Harriet Tubman. Frequently there are Q & A or scholarly discussions after performances. Sometimes performances are followed by an ancestral party/celebration, making Harriet's Return an extraordinary event.

Visitor Information: Currently not open to public.

Location: Karen Jones Meadows, 15 Trigo Road, Placitas, 87043

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Karen Jones Meadows

Location Type: Program

UGRR Operatives: Harriet Tubman,William Still