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Vignette Details

Escape from Choctaw Agency


Arkansas Gazette September 6, 1836 (September 20, 1836) Fifty Dollars Reward Ran away, from the subscriber, at the Choctaw Agency, on the night of the 23d inst., a Negro Man named SPENCER. He is upwards of six feet high, of dark complexion, wears tolerably long whiskers, and has a mark on his left arm, above his elbow, occasioned by a burn. Spencer is a shrewd, active boy, about twenty-eight, or thirty years old; and, as I purchased him in Sumpter county, Alabama, in May last, as I was starting to this country, I have no doubt he will attempt to return the way I came, by Memphis, and on to Alabama. I will give the above reward for said boy, and all reasonable expenses, if delivered to me at this place, or fifty dollars if lodged in any jail, so that I get him. WILLIAM HALL Choctaw Agency, Ark's 26th Aug. 1836