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Vignette Details

Two Slaves Escape from Jason Wilson


Arkansas Gazette August 11, 1835 (September 1, 1835) $50 REWARD RAN AWAY from the subscriber, on the 21st of June last, two Negro fellows, named Charley and Jim. CHARLEY is between thirty-eight and forty years of age, five feet eight or ten inches high, black skin and well made. JIM is about twenty-seven years of age, five feet six or seven inches high, black skin and slender made, and can speak the Cherokee language very well. I will give FIFTY DOLLARS Reward for the apprehension of said Negroes, on their delivery to me, at my residence in Long Prairie, Lafayette county, Arkansas Territory, or on their being confined in any safe jail and secured until I can get them again. JASON C. WILSON Long Prairie, July 28, 1835