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Vignette Details

Slave Escapes from Creek Chief

Creek Nation, Oklahoma

Arkansas Gazette May 6, 1834 (May 13, 1834) Stop the Runaway! Ran away from old Spouk-oke Har-yo, one of the Chiefs of the Creek nation west of the Mississippi, a Negro man named HARRY, about 40 or 50 years of age. He is deaf, and stutters, and appears to talk with considerable difficulty, making signs and a kind of stuttering noise when trying to talk. Has a hole or slit in his left ear, a little piece of it hanging down. When he ran off, he took with him one rifle gun, ten beaver traps, one falling axe, and a canoe. Any person hearing any thing of, or personally knowing where said Negro is, will confer a favor on a helpless old man, by giving information where he is to be found, so that he may be recovered. Information respecting said Negro, communicated by letter to the subscriber, directed to Western Creek Agency, via Fort Gibson, will reach the owner. JOSEPH BLAIR April 21, 1834