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Vignette Details

Slave Caught Escaping from Creek Nation

Old Creek Nation

Arkansas Gazette April 29, 1834 (May 27, 1834) A Negro in custody. There was this day committed to my custody, as Deputy Sheriff and Jailor of Miller county, Arkansas Territory, a Negro Boy, who says his name is CAMMEL, and that he belongs to Benjamin Hawkins. He says he ran away from his master when he was about to move away from the old Creek nation to the Spanish country. He is about twenty years of age, black and likely. There being no Jail in this county, I have placed him in the hands of John Robbins, and taken his bond for the delivery of said boy when called for. The owner of said boy is requested to prove his property, pay charges, and take him away, otherwise he will be dealt with as the law directs. JOSEPH SAVAGE, Dep. Sh'ff and Jailor, Miller county A. T. March 15, 1834