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Chickasaw Nation

Arkansas Gazette October 12, 1831 (October 26, 1831) RAN AWAY From Newberry, living in the Chickasaw Nation, on the Reynoldsburgh road, four Negroes, viz: BILL, a black man about twenty years of age, common size, scar on his face and neck, and a blemish in one eye, (not recollected which,) speaks the Chickasaw tongue very well. Also-a black woman about the same age, of common size, speaks Chickasaw; also two small children, a boy and girl. The girl about three or four years of age, speaks Chickasaw only--the boy one year old. They carried away with them a black stud horse, common size, blind; also a small gray mare, branded thus (Illustration similar to upside down U--Amanda‘s note) as he believes, not recollected where, also an old rifle gun. There is good reason for believing that the above Negroes have been run from the Nation by white men. A liberal reward will be given fro the securing the slaves in any jail and information given to this Agency, to Col. Joseph McKane of Bolivar, or Carr, Wood & Co. of Memphis Tenn. All good citizens will feel an interest in lodging in jail the thief or thieves and giving information as above, that justice may be done. BENJ. REYNOLDS, Agent Sept. 21, 1830