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Vignette Details



Arkansas Gazette October 27, 1830 (November 17, 1830) $50 REWARD Ran away from the residence of Mr. Samson Gray, 12 miles from Little Rock,, on the 18th inst. a light Mulatto Man, belonging to the subscriber, named JERRY. He is about 5 feet 11 inches high, from 35 to 38 years of age, has tolerably large whiskers, and some gray hairs in his head; is slim and well-made, has sharp piercing eyes, is fond of drinking and gambling, speaks very quick , and is, on the whole, a very likely, cunning and artful fellow. He was raised, I understand, in the neighborhood of Georgetown, Kentucky, from when he was brought, some five or six years ago, to this country, and sold to Mr. Samson Gray, from whom I purchased him. When he left me, six or eight months ago, I gave him a pass authorizing him to hire himself out at Little Rock, or its vicinity; but it is probably he has procured a forged pass, and perhaps forged free papers, and will endeavor to pass himself as a free man. It is possible that he may endeavor to get back to the place where he was raised, in Kentucky, but most probably will make for a free state, if he has not been seduced away by some one who may intend to sell him in the lower country. As he had a variety of clothing, generally of good quality, it is impossible to describe his dress. He has worked considerably at the carpentering business, and is very handy at most kinds of work required about a plantation. Any person who will take up the said man Jerry, and deliver him to me, at the Choctaw Agency, near Fort Smith, or to Mr. Wm. E. Woodruff, at Little Rock, shall receive the above reward of Fifty Dollars, and all the reasonable expenses; or Twenty-five Dollars, for securing him in any Jail, and giving me information so that I can obtain possession of him again. RANSOM MOORE Fort Smith, Oct. 25, 1830 P.S. Since the above advertisement was written it is ascertained Jerry was in Conway county on Friday last _______