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Arkansas Gazette June 6, 1826 (June 20, 1826) Territory of Arkansas County of Independence, CIRCUIT COURT, MARCH TERM, 1826 IT appearing, to the satisfaction of the court, that a Negro Man slave, calling himself Henry, about thirty years of age, and who says he belongs to M. Foche, about twenty-five miles above New-Orleans, on the Mississippi river, state of Louisiana, (having lately been in the possession of Asa McFelch, of the county of Independence, and Territory of Arkansas), has been taken up and confined in the jail of said county of Independence: It is therefore ordered, That the owner or owners of said Negro slave have notice, that, unless he, she, or they be and appear at the next term of the circuit court, at a court to beholden at the town of Batesville, in and for said county, on the second Monday of July next, and prove his, her or their ownership, or unless he be sooner legally discharged, he will be sold according to the form of the statute in such case made and provided. And it is further ordered, That this order be published in the Arkansas Gazette, ninety days before the next term of this court. A true copy JNO. L. DANIEL, Dy. Clerk March 28