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Vignette Details



Arkansas Gazette September 28, 1824 (October 26, 1824) Runaway Negro Man taken up WAS committed to the Jail of Arkansas County, for safe keeping, on Sunday, the 12th day of September inst. a Negro Man who calls himself BOB, and says he belongs to a Mr. Foy, at the Post of Ouachita. The said Negro is about 30 years of age, five feet seven inches high, and had on, when committed, a large band of iron round his left leg. The owner or owners of said Negro Bob, are hereby notified, that unless they appear within 90 days, prove property, pay charges, and take said Negro away, he will be sold agreeable to law, to satisfy the Jail fees, costs, & c. T. FARRELLY, Sheriff and Keeper of the Jail of Arkansas County, Arkansas Territory Sept. 20, 1824