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Vignette Details



Arkansas Gazette April 23, 1822 (July 9, 1822) Was committed to the Jail OF the county of Arkansas, for safe keeping, a NEGRO MAN who calls himself ISAAC, and says he belongs to a Mr. Isaac Brown, living at the Chickasaw Bluffs; and also state that he belongs to a Mr. James Moore, living in Madison county, Alabama, and says he was persuaded away by two men by the name of Stump and Kirkland, and taken to Warrenton and Port-Gibson, state of Mississippi. The above Negro Isaac, is a stout likely fellow, about six feet high, and about 20 years of age. The owner or owners of said slave are hereby notified, that, unless they appear within three months, and prove their property and pay all proper charges, he the said Negro Isaac, will be sold for the jail and other fees, as the law in such cases directs. JAMES HAMILTON Sheriff and Jailer Ark's Co. April 16, 1822