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Vignette Details


Arkansas Gazette August 11, 1821 (August 25, 1821) 200 Dollars Reward Ran away from my plantation on Tensaw, Alabama, about the 10th of May last, two Negro fellows of the following description BASIL, About fifty years of age, six feet and upwards high--very black; speaks English and French, and is a plausible fellow at telling a story. NED, Between thirty and thirty-five years of age, five feet eight or nine inches high; of a complexion between a mulatto and black, and is very shrewd, but will hesitate when closely questioned. The above Negroes left this neighborhood on the same evening with a certain STEPHEN STAPLETON, who left his wife and family in distress and absconded with another woman, taking with him two small Negroes of his own, and I have reason to believe stole mine. Stapleton is about forty-five years of age, five feet seven or eight inches high, of a ruddy complexion; black hair, a good deal mixed with grey; is supposed to have gone to East or West Tennessee, or perhaps to Red river, Louisiana. I will give the above reward for securing the above Negroes in any jail, if taken out of the State, and half that sum if apprehended within the State. E. MONTGOMERY The Editors of the Alabama Republican, Knoxville Register, Nashville Whig, Natchez Correspondent, and Arkansas Gazette, will give the above three insertions, and forward their bills to this office, together with the papers containing the advertisements, for payment. Blakely, Alab. 22d June, 1821 ______________